Here I am, minus a body part or so

I have been totally mia lately, and I apologize. I had some issues with my gallbladder and scheduled my gallbladder removal surgery for last Tuesday, but at the time that I scheduled the surgery I was still feeling well enough to sit at my desk and write so I planned on writing enough to cover my time away from this amazing site. Before I knew it I was unable to sit at my desk those days leading up to my surgery, which is why this site has been sort of quiet recently. IMG_3271 The surgery itself sucked. My gallbladder was to be removed through a series of four holes in my stomach and by removing it this way it was supposed to limit the amount of pain that I felt. Well you tell that to the nurse who was in the recovery unit who refused to believe me that I was in so much pain. I only stayed in the hospital for just under 2 hours (I think) after my surgery, which meant that I had to actually move. It was brutal. The doctor spoke to my husband and apparently I had two really large gallstones that were causing the pain, while he was having that conversation with my husband he also told him that my recovery time would be short and that I have no restrictions. That would lead me to believe that life would be back to normal in a day or so.

Wrong. This is what pretty much all I saw for almost a week:
Yep, thats my couch. I made the couch my home for the next week because my bedroom is in the basement and the stairs were too hard to handle not to mention that my incisions were so sore I couldn’t take the chance of John bumping it in his sleep.

Luckily for me the kids were really sweet, and John helped so much that I was able recover as quickly as possible. Though, I would like to take a moment to call out my sweet middle son who slept on our other couch that he would push right next to the couch I was on so that he could hold my hand as we slept. With him being 13 it came as a complete shock but it was so nice knowing that he was there if I needed anything.

Now it is one week and one day after my surgery and I feel almost normal as long as I don’t do much and as long as I don’t touch these incisions. Honestly I miss riding my bike the very most, I can’t wait to get back on her and feel the wind in my face!

Oh, and don’t worry, things are semi normal now and that means you will be able to find all of the posts that you love here again!!

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