Finally friday

Friday favorites #12

I absolutely love abandoned places, especially this set by Dainty Squid. If you like this type of thing too you should follow her because she posts a lot like these. IMG_6589-001

Im sure I have mentioned that despite everyone else in my family having a magical green thumb, somehow I managed to kill every plant I have owned. Which is probably why I love this cardboard cactus so much.

I have been really trying to feed the family much healthier and overall they have adapted to fresh fruits and veggies, with the exception of green beans. However these parmesan green beans look like something my bunch would gobble up!

If December would actually walk nicely on a leash I would totally make one of these for her. I have seen some of these on Etsy and going for a pretty penny at that!

I feel like I am forever wanting to change my work area, probably because I spend so much time in it. Which is probably why I love this metal memo board and its so great because it allows you to change up your work space often!

This round up of Summer art printables is really great!

This is a really great list of blog post idea for whenever writers block strikes again.

The worst part about renting is that I can’t paint the walls or do any pretty wall art like this. I can’t wait to own our own home again.Pink_Candy_Striped_Wall

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