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Travel checklist for your gadgets

WHOOSH! provided me with samples in exchange for this post. However as always all opinions are all my own. Pinky Promise!

Whenever packing for trips I am always so worried that I will forget all the gear that I need that make my travel more fun. With five of us that heavily depend on our gadgets to “survive” we have to carry a good amount of gear (chargers, battery packs, cleaner etc). That being said I have saved you some time by making a complete list of everything you could need. This is what our travel stuff looks like:



  • Chargers for cell phone.
  • Chargers for iPad / Laptop.
  • Battery pack and charger for it.
  • Pens.
  • Headphones.
  • Tripod for photos.
  • Playlist on iPhone for our ride.

For me I make sure to pack extra headphones because one of the kids are guaranteed to forget theirs and I certainly don’t want to listen to their games the whole ride! Also I carry two bottles of WHOOSH! one smaller travel size for inside my purse and a second larger size that I will keep in my Cocoon incase I need more since I use it to clean all of my gadgets as well as my glasses and sunglasses, its an absolutely essential for us.

As you know with kids everything gets dirty and naturally their gadgets are no exception, so any chance that I can I clean theirs down with WHOOSH!. I love it because it is both safe for all screens, and it will get rid of all of those gross germs and is completely non-toxic, odorless and eco-friendly. WHOOSH! also apparently has some magic powder inside because it not only cleans your device but it also makes your device resist fingerprints as well. Which is exactly why I use WHOOSH! on my eye glasses as well, because I can’t stand fingerprints and its completely safe for glasses as well! No more dirty devices or eyeglasses around here.

You can get this at or at your local Apple store, and it is available in three different packs: The Pocket, which is their smaller travel size and a microfiber cloth. The Go, which is their medium size bottle and a microfiber cloth. The Duo, which is the travel size and their large size bottle and a micro fibercloth (this is the very best deal!).
Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 2.35.49 PM

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