Jurassic World

From the moment that I heard that Jurassic World was in the making I knew that I we would have to go on the opening day to see it. Mostly because the Jurassic Park movies have been my all time favorite set of movies with sequels, they are some of the very few movies that I can watch over and over again. So to say that I had high expectations with this film is an understatement.

Since we were taking all three kids as well we decided to see the early bird (noonish) show to save a few bucks to go towards our $15 bag of popcorn. Surprisingly enough the theater was pretty packed.

I had read a few press reviews online so I was not expecting too much of this movie because the reviews were fairly neutral. Much to my surprise this movie was amazing. Yes, I said AMAZING. It certainly rivals the original. I was a little worried that my kids would get scared, and it did have a few jump scares but they were so good that even my kids enjoyed them. The movie is rated PG-13 but Jayde is only 11 and handled it really great. Actually there was a girl who was probably 5 next to us, so I think this is one the parents should call- if your kids enjoyed the other movies they should be fine in this one too.

I loved that they brought back the scientist from the original movie, and I love the twists. The only thing that wasn’t really believable is the fact that one of the main characters wore heals the entire movie, yeah right lady.

If you were to ever go see one movie on my recommendation go to this one, and be sure to see it in theaters because you want to get the whole experience.


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  1. ***CAUTION*** Comment has spoilers!
    Yes I know this is rated PG-13, but I saw it with my 7 year old granddaughter who probably knows more about dinosaurs than I do, and we really enjoyed it. She wasn’t afraid at all of any of the dinosaurs, no matter how real looking I thought they were. Living in Florida, my favorite part was the Sea World/”Blackfish” vibe of “Jurassic World’. I kind of wanted the camera to go below the water tank line at the very end, like it did after that enormous Mosasaurus leaped up to eat the shark (as seen in the official trailer). My granddaughter & I bonded by cheering on the team of Owen & The Velociraptors as they battled Indominus Rex. I agree with Stephanie that Claire staying in heels (not “heals”, Steph) throughout the whole movie was more unbelievable than the special effects of real dinosaurs. Another great review! Liked & shared <3

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