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One simple trick to getting your kids to do anything you want

That title really packs a punch right? It sounds like many things I have read before in an effort to get my three kids to do anything, especially chores. So whenever I downloaded the ChoreMonster app which promised to get my kids to do anything I wanted with the promise of points to redeem for treats I was very hesitant. To be honest, I looked at it and then deleted it. That was until about a month ago as a last ditched effort to get the kids to do their share of chores John mentioned the app to me, and I figured what could it hurt.

Oddly enough upon mentioning this app to the kids they were completely interested and wanted to start immediately. That evening I ended up spending about 45 minutes setting up chores for each child, making chores that would help both around the house and also be something that the kids would enjoy doing.

I gave each child chores that would repeat daily, like wiping the bathroom sink or watering the plants that would earn the kids a point each. Then I gave them chores that would be weekly, like taking out the trash that. I also gave them some one time chores that were a little more difficult, like washing the car or picking up leaves that would earn the kids 5 points each. Once they have accrued enough points they can redeem them for treats. Our  rewards are small treat which would be like an Icee and a snack, a medium treat that would range around 5-7 dollars and a big treat which is a date night with both parents that will include food and a fun activity. I was so pleased that all three kids have aimed for a date night! Not only am I not just buying them treats for the heck of it, but I am also able to get the kids to do anything that I want, including reading for 30 minutes every night for 1 point each time.

Actual reward and points aside, this app also has games and rewards each time that you complete chores. You can watch videos and collect special monsters for the app (which is my kids very favorite). My kids are older (11, 13 and 14) and they all enjoy this app, however I think it is good for just about any age because it really encourages the kids to do chores without  the nagging (which is my personal favorite).

A few facts about this fabulous app.

– You can register for for a (free) account by simply downloading the app on the app store or by simply logging into their website.

– Your child can log into the kids side of the app either on your device, on their own device or even on the web.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 4.58.45 PM

– At this time the app only allows one parent log in as of this time, however we have reached out to the developer and they mentioned that it could be something in the works.

– Fancy up the chores by adding a custom image of the chore that needs to be done or by simply uploading an image directly to the app by searing on Google within the app.

– Assign the same chore to multiple children with one simple click.

– Add as many custom chores as you wish or choose from some of the suggested chores.

– You will receive a weekly email (if you chose to) that will tell you a summary of your week.

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 5.15.28 PM


Some of the chores that we use are:

– Dishes

– Sweep / mop / vacuum

– Dust

– Feed December

– Sweep porch

– Put up clean clothes

– Be nice (this can be a serious chore for some tweens / teens)



Download this app here.

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