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How can moms stay in tip top shape?

For the average mom (who by all accounts is far from average!) exercise is not an issue. At least, not where having a full-time parenting job is concerned, even when the responsibilities are shared equally between couples. When moms aren’t chasing after kids, they’re chasing after all the other responsibilities that make up the everyday routine – so what was that about exercise again? Forget it. We have more than our share every day.

But it’s not that simple, of course. Moms don’t often get time to relax, let alone exercise properly. Getting time to do some healthy cardio on a consistent basis can be a challenge in a hectic schedule. And certainly new moms and moms with big families will find that there is a lot of adjusting to do. It’s impossible to do everything, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take some time and take care of yourself as well.


Take care of yourself, and the rest takes care of itself

It’s no big secret that many moms feel run-down and stressed out. This can be remedied now and then by a vacation or a day at the spa, but what moms really need is some good time out as well as productive time for exercise and eating right. It’s easy to overlook this in the day and age where sticking a pizza in the oven is a fast, filling alternative when everyone has places to be, but for a few more minutes, moms and kids alike can create healthy, affordable meals that set out long-term lifestyle benefits (but with the occasional junk food treat on the side, of course).

The same goes for exercise, and this can go hand in hand with getting some much-needed vitamin D. Moms should plan family days where cycling, hiking, camping, rafting, skiing, and other outdoor activities can be enjoyed, and folks can switch off their devices for a little while and reconnect. And it’s okay to do this without the family as well.

What you should consider as a mom is that your kids will need you to be healthy, and you need yourself to be healthy too. When you’re not looking after yourself, you increase the risk of back problems, heart problems, weight and joint issues, and you also miss out on a better quality of life. Sometimes, even when we try our best, our lifestyles can become too much to cope with, so it’s important to maintain a good relationship with your doctor to keep track of things. And when the aches and pains set in, consider exercises, therapy, and chiropractic treatment to help you through it. Healthquest Chiropractic believes that these physical, holistic, and proven treatments are not only effective for short-term relief, but also establish a long-term commitment to investing in health by giving the body the answers that it needs. By maintaining an awareness of these issues ahead of time, moms can prevent injury and poor health and stay in better shape.

It’s common sense

Of course, this is not only applicable to moms. Dads also need to take care of themselves. Families shouldn’t be afraid to spread the responsibility either. Gone are the days when only dads brought home the bacon and mom cooked it for breakfast; now, moms and dads alike (as well as dads and dads and moms and moms) can shoulder their responsibilities more equally and as a result, enjoy a healthier, more fulfilled life. We can never underestimate the importance of our health, and while it may be easy to prioritize our kids’ needs first, it’s equally important to take care of ourselves as well.

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