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Getting your kids involved in sports

It’s a worldwide problem often put at the door of the technical revolution. Kids just aren’t getting enough exercise these days. Video games often seem to have taken over, so exercise is through hands and fingers rather than the whole body.194H

So what can you do to encourage your kids to enjoy themselves when playing sports? You want them to maintain a healthy weight – and research demonstrates that obesity in children is a growing problem – and you want them to have a healthy lifestyle as they grow into adulthood. Here are a few ideas you could look into:


Known as football in most of the world, soccer is a fantastic sport for children because it teaches teamwork, skills and rules. Soccer has grown enormously over the years in the US and the success of the men’s soccer team in international tournaments has helped grow interest. Many kids love team sports because they learn how to work together and will make many new friends; friendships that can last right through to when they become adults. The gear’s not expensive – a team strip, a good pair of boots and you’re off!


Kids who are not that keen on team sports but want to try out something that will motivate them could consider inline skating. As with any sport, you can meet new people and make friends, but equally you can just do your own thing. Skating is not hard to learn – most kids take to it in a day or two when they’ve got their balance and confidence – and not only is it great for exercising, it builds strength and attention span. It’s one of the sporting activities that parents and children can do together, in the park or on skate tracks or roller skating centers. Always look for a good brand of rollerblade inline skates so you all remain safe and get the ultimate thrill from your skating.


Who hasn’t seen some hoops in the park with kids playing? Basketball is so simple in terms of what you need to play it at a basic level – a bit of space, a hoop at both ends, and a ball. It’s such a big sport in the US that many kids just want to try it out, so you should encourage them, even with a hoop in your back yard so they can practice dribbling, turning and shooting. If you’re there to help, or other kids are over, then the passing movements can also be worked on. Great exercise and real fun.


Kids like inline skating? They’re going to love hockey when they’ve built up their skills on dry land. Sure, ice is different but it won’t take them long to adapt to the change in surface and they can build great leg strength as well as improve hand-eye co-ordination.

Sport for all

Sport’s there to be enjoyed, whether you participate or are at the stage where you just watch a ballgame. For kids it’s a way to have fun, keep fit, make friends and stay healthy.

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