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I finally got new glasses, what do you think?

Firmoo sent me a product in exchange for this review. However as always all opinions are all my own. Pinky Promise!


As I have gotten older I have learned that I hate to spend money on contacts, especially because they are something that I will just throw away. Not to mention that glasses just feel so much better to wear than contacts. The only problem that I ever came across with glasses is that I hate being tied down to just one style, I mean I wouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes everyday with different outfits. Thats where Firmoo always swoops in to save the day with their stylish and affordable glasses.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 5.50.40 PM

Last year I was so super pleased with all of the full plastic frames that I purchased from Firmoo that I decided to get another pair of these. This year I wanted something just a little different so I chose some frames that had the plastic material that I loved with more of a rounded shape because I have noticed so many round glasses everywhere and figured why not! Despite Firmoo having frames that are as low as under $10 you are able to get tinted lenses and even tint so that you won’t see glare in your glasses (as you might know this is a really expensive feature that you can get at your local eye doctor).Firmoo Glasses closeup Whenever my glasses arrived they were exactly what I expected and just like the glasses that I ordered from Firmoo before they fit me just perfectly right out of the mail! Incredible right? These frames were very sturdy and look pretty fabulous on me (sorry but I totally love these!). The only complaint that I might have with these is that because of the dark navy frames I look incredibly pale, but then again that might be just because I am that pale!
Firmoo glasses
So what do you think about my new Firmoo glasses?

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