June 2015 goals

June 2015 Goals

First lets revisit May’s goals.

1. Make a Summer bucket list.  Yes, I did. It will be posted here very soon!
2. Keep up with the laundry. For the most part I have not drowned completely under clothes yet, so I consider this one a win a well!
3. Help Ethan research religions more. Yes we did. He’s currently learning about Christianity and really enjoying learning about it.
4. Devote some time each week to doing things for others. Yes and no. I have tried to share more love for other blogs, I have tried to smile more at people in public (who knows when a smile might just improve someones day). Though I would love to work more on this one more so I am going to add this to June as well.



1. Devote some time each week to doing things for others. I want another month to add onto this one.

2. Ride bikes at least 5 out of 7 days (weather permitting of course). We recently bought everyone new bikes (except Jayde because we can’t find a size that works for her just yet so she’s keeping her old one). I can’t seem to get enough of the biking, there is just a special kind of magic in feeling the wind blow in your face.

3. Keep writing and focused while the kids are on Summer break. There is no bigger distraction other than kids, so heres to hoping that I can get some work accomplished.

4. SURVIVE month one of Summer break. If you’re a parent Im sure this is pretty self explanatory.

5. Take a photo everyday of June (and July).  

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