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Friday Favorites #11

This bbq pork mac n cheese has been on my mind every since I read this post. Im thinking that this needs to be added to my meal plan asap.

I have been wanting to incorporate some concrete in my decor for a while now but I haven’t because the thought of creating with concrete just sounds incredibly messy. So whenever I came across diy for faux concrete succulent planters I fell in love, finally an easy way to create the concrete look that I have been wanting!dipped-faux-concrete-planters-1024x762

I also came across this post that shares 10 really great websites for bloggers and was so surprised by all of the sites I have never heard of. This is a must read for bloggers!

This ultimate guide to summer reading is going to help me find some really interesting books to read over the summer!

Since we are planning a lot of Summer get togethers this year I have been wanting to switch up our patio stuff for a few months now so that the colors aren’t so drab and well this patio decor is absolutely amazing! I always love to use bright and fun colors and this space is just perfect! Summer-Patio-3A-Pretty-Life

Speaking of stunning decor, how about this dresser? I mean seriously, that before and after is just incredible! Also- that record player… its fab!ikea-rast-hack-bliss-at-home

A long time ago I saw this really great pin on Pinterest where you used nail polish to paint your house keys. I had way too much left over nail polish so I pained my keys. Today I came across this great tutorial that uses a similar method with nail polish creating a color block pattern on keys and its really neat!

This is a really great list of 30 Netflix shows to watch. It would make a nice list to binge watch off of, especially over the summer.

I absolutely love these DIY cat nails! I wish I were more steady with my hands because I would love my nails to look like these.

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