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Menu plan 5/25 // Free printables

menu plan
MONDAY Salads and fruit

TUESDAY Split pea soup

WEDNESDAY Grilled ham and cheese and raw veggies

THURSDAY Grilled jerk chicken and brussels sprouts


SATURDAY Hot dogs and baked beans

SUNDAY Sweet and sour chicken with edamame

One of the ways that I like to keep myself organized is by writing everything down and of course my menu is no exception. It KILLS John that I write things down, he is forever telling me to just input it on our calendars on our phones and I totally do but there is just something about writing things down that makes them stick for me. I like to keep it simple though, which is why I made this printable (which is totally free for you to download below).
Menu plan colorful layout

Pastel Menu Plan download // Greyscale Menu Plan Download // Deep Pastel Menu Plan Download // Dark Menu Plan Download // Bright Menu Plan Download


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