Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites #10

One of my very favorite things from this week has to be this incredible Ghostbusters party that pretty much covered anything and everything amazing about Ghostbusters! Boys-Ghostbusters-Birthday-Party

These sweet and spicy chicken bowls look absolutely delicious! Im going to have to make something like these!

I also really like this ruffled garland looks, I think it will be perfect for my upcoming party.ruffledgarland-1505026

These pom pom chicks are also really adorable, I would make some of these for the party but I fear that my teenage boys won’t fine them as cute.pom pom chicks

I have a serious brown thumb, meaning I basically have killed every single plan I have ever touched. So this gardening tip round up post is perfect and might even have something that can help out my fellow brown thumbed people!

Then I came across these striped jars and really fell in love with them, I really liked that the lines were perfect. So much character.

This flamingo party looks like so so much fun, not to mention the gorgeous decorations!

After coming across concrete counters on a blog a while back I have been wanting concrete in my house somewhere because I love the way it makes a space feel. Which is probably why I love this concrete side table so much.concrete side table

Be warned that this post will make you crave some delicious chocolate pop tarts, but you will not be craving the store bought kind!

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