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I can control my lights with my iPhone. What can your lights do?

I am always hesitant for change, especially whenever it comes with a price tag. Which is why I immediatly told John ‘NO’ whenever he mentioned buying the Philips Hue Lux lights. That was no easy task either because he mentioned them so many time and while visitng a friends house that has some he asked him to demo them for me. Yes they were neat but worth the $79.95 price tag (for the starter set), I don’t know.

So whenever John’s birthday rolled around I had to ask myself, what do you buy the guy who has everything? Those stupid expensive light bulbs is what.
Philips Hue LightsUpon opening them he had them installed and working in just a matter of minutes and was controlling be lights in our house by just his iPhone. With these bulbs we are able to dim the lights or brighten them as much as we like, something we couldn’t do with traditional bulbs. Not to mention that we can control the lights from anywhere in the house which is a bigger deal that you might expect. It has helped raise my laziness to new levels!

I just purchased the starter pack so we only had the white bulbs but you can purchase the colored ones that will allow you to further customize the mood. Even down to the color to match whatever you playing or watching!

Some cool facts about the Phillips Hue Lux light bulbs:

  • Each Hue light bulb uses 80% less power than a traditional light bulb.
  • These have white light and a full spectrum of color, that allows you to set the perfect tone and enhance a moment. All in an instant from your iPhone (or Android / Kindle devices).
  • You can pick a photo from the app or your own library to use as your palette. Then simply drag the color picker across the image and your bulbs will match the color instantly (only in the colored bulbs).
  • If you link hue to IFTTT service. So your lights can tell you when you get an important email. When the weather changes. A gentle reminder to take a break from studying, working or practicing piano or even turn them on and off whenever you leave your home.
  • These bulbs have a long life of 15,000 hours or roughly 14 years!
  • Control your lights even when you’re not home. Forget to turn off the lights? No problem, Hues got your back!
  • And so much more!

To learn more go HERE.

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