Tips for coping with allergies

I never really dealt with allergies growing up but that all changed whenever I moved to Kentucky. The first year alone it felt like we were sick from our allergies almost non stop. Luckily though since we have been here I have learned a few tricks to make coping with allergies a little easier to handle.

tips for coping with allergies

Get an allergy test done. Once you figure out what you are allergic to you will be able to avoid it like the plague. Its not the most pleasant thing in the world to have done, but since I had my test done I know which things I need to avoid, like cats and tree pollen.

Download the Weather app. This app has a pollen index at the very bottom of the app, from there I can tell if it is a day that I can go outside or if the tree pollen is high and I should stay indoors. Also you can go here and check the air quality index for your area.

Take an over the counter medicine. You can get quite a few allergy medicines from your local pharmacy, and if none of those work for you, you can also reach out and get a prescription from your doctor. Lets not forget about the nasal rinses and eye drops to help with symptoms.

Change your clothes! If you have been outdoors it is best to change your clothes as soon as you get inside, and consider showering to remove any remaining pollen.

Wear a mask outdoors. Have some yard work to be done? Well grab a mask and cover up so that your allergies do not flare up.

Clean often. Despite everything you try to do allergens will end up in your home so be sure to dust and vacuum surfaces often, this should help reduce allergen levels in your house.

I do all of these religiously and all of these combined have really helped me deal with my allergies. These tips have been a game changer for me.

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