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My worst nightmare in the hands of JCPS

Every so often I see bad stuff on the news that really bothers me but rarely is it something that I feel so close to me. This news story took place here in Louisville Kentucky not too far where I live, and it happened in the very same school district that my children attend, through the same buses that they ride home, and to a child that could have very easily have been one of my own.

Friday afternoon I was browsing social media as I normally do at that time of the day whenever I came across a tweet from my local news station about a student who was dragged behind a school bus and I will admit that I did not open the news article because I couldn’t. Though whenever I saw additional tweets later in the day I couldn’t help but click to see if the child was ok. Thats when I saw the surveillance footage of part of the incident, my heart dropped. The bus driver had closed the childs backpack in the door and the child was hanging from the door of the bus being dragged behind it. I saw that child as one of my own as I felt heartbreak for her.

Here is the news article about the story.
Source Wave 3 News

From what I read she suffered a good bit of road rash, however I feel that it may have been more than just a “little road rash” because she spent all weekend in the local childrens hospital. The bus driver has been suspended without pay, which after seeing the video of the incident I cannot imagine how they did not fire the driver on the spot. I mean seriously, the driver barely gave the child a chance to get off the bus before closing the bus doors on her. Not to mention how on earth could the driver not see / hear the child?! The drivers carelessness makes me absolutely ill.

The family has set up a Go Fund Me which can be found HERE. I typically do not share this type of stuff, but I simply felt that I had to. I can’t imagine being put in the shoes of the childs parents and how hard this must be for them, but I do know there will be a long road of recovery ahead of them so if you can help please do, and share their Go Fund Me page please.

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