Goodbye American Idol

I heard the news this morning that American Idol will come to an end as of next year and my very first though was FINALLY!
American idol the final season
Don’t get me wrong I really loved American Idol whenever it originally released over decade ago back whenever it still had the auditions at the beginning that included the people who weren’t necessarily good singers. Soon they started phasing out all of those bad auditions and all of the people that they considered good singers seemed to only be mediocre singers, thats when I started to lose my interest in the show. I think it was by the fourth or fifth season when I just stopped watching all together. I think it was around that time whenever they stopped producing any singers with any sort of talent.

Occasionally I would catch the beginning of a season to see if there were any funny auditions or if there was someone local on there. Typically no more than just a show though. The Voice now is my go to singing show, and I rarely even watch that one any more because I feel like the uniqueness of the shows concept has passed.

So tell me, will you miss American Idol?

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  1. I can’t remember the last time I watched American Idol. I lost interest once they changed all the judges. I thought the show really lost something after that. I usually do watch The Voice but more for the entertainment value of the judge’s banter than to hear the singers. I sadly couldn’t tell you anyone who has won on The Voice. I can at least name a few older American Idol winners. I don’t think I’ll miss the show at all.
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