May 2015 Goals

May 2015 goals

First lets start by revisiting April’s goals.

1. Get outside and enjoy the sun at least 4 days a week.   Actually, yes I have. Its finally nice enough that I can spend my evenings sitting on the back patio with Chandler while watching Periscope!

2. Work on my Facebook fan number. Sigh. Nope. Despite trying I am at a total lost for Facebook!

3. Eat breakfast.  Slightly better. I would say I eat about half of the mornings, I just find it really hard to eat whenever I am not really hungry. Maybe smoothies would help with this issue?

4. Smile more and enjoy the little things. I am trying really hard! I have found that this one goes hand in hand with getting outside and enjoying the sun, its amazing what some fresh air can do for the spirit.

5. Cross some more places off of my Louisville Bucket List. I had to put this one on hold because we have to pay taxes, but I plan on resuming this asap.


Onto May’s goals.

1. Make a Summer bucket list. O M G its almost Summer!

2. Keep up with the laundry. I swear I have struggled with keeping up with the laundry from the very moment that I had Chandler and some how I was able to finally get caught up and stay caught up. So I really want to try to make this stick.

3. Help Ethan research religions more. This one is kind of hard to explain but basically we raised the kids agnostic and now he is really searching to find a religion that suits him and I want to make sure that I spend some serious time looking into this with him.

4. Devote some time each week to doing things for others. I have finally gotten myself more organized so now I want to devote a little time each week to making someone else smile, even if its just something small.


Im going to keep this with just 4 goals this month so I can hopefully revisit last months goals and hopefully meet some of those as well!

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