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DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas

Every year about this time I see all of these cute ideas on Pinterest that I think will make a wonderful gift for my mom because she always loved the handmade gifts the very most. Actually whenever going through her stuff after she passed away a few years ago and I found so many of the gifts that I had made her. As a mother myself I have to say that I really appreciate the gifts that my family makes for me over store bought gifts any day!

So naturally this year was no different, I came across adorable DIY crafts and pinned them to my secret boards (where I put everything that I plan on making) except I have no one to make these for besides myself really so I thought I would share here because maybe you will find something on here to make for that special mom in your life! Or heck, maybe you will find something on this list of DIY that you want to make yourself!

Salt dough footprint // Marbled Clay Dish // Fizzy Scented Bath Bombs // Tiny plants in glittered pots // DIY photo keychain // Mini Frame Fridge Magnets //

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