DIY dominoes

While walking around Michaels trying to find something to cure my creative itch I came across these small wooden craft sticks and I knew I had to make something with them. Im such a sucker for just about anything that is a smaller version of another thing. I ended up grabbing them and some paint and headed home to make something fabulous.
Diy Dominos Before I came home for the day I came across some dominoes and it hit me… I should make some dominoes out of the wooden craft sticks. This way we would have a light weight game to take with us on picnics. I ran the idea across Jayde and realized that she had never actually played dominos, this just confirmed that I needed to make some dominoes so that I could teach her to play. dominosThese were super easy to make. I just chose two different colors for the base of the craft stick and painted each side of it a different color (just for fun). Once the paint dries you can then paint the dots and the lines that are needed to complete your dominos set.

This was such an easy craft and costs very little, and I just love how they turned out – they totally remind me of watermelon. I had to brush up on the rules of the game and came across this article that was super helpful!

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