Apr 26

Menu plan

menu plan



Grilled Chicken and corn


Mini pancakes and sausage

Shepherds pie and salad


Bacon and egg cups

Kielbasa, cabbage and potato skillet


Grits and fruit

Tuna casserole and spinach


Mini muffins



Eggs, bacon, and toast

Vegetable soup


Eggs, bacon and grits

Chicken wings and fries


I struggle so much with eating breakfast because I am never hungry early and truly Im not a morning person so the thought of cooking anything early morning makes my head hurt. Though I noticed that two of my three really do not like having breakfast and thats a terrible habit to have. Long story short, Im starting to plan breakfast meals too.

And yes, I know I should be serving healthier meals in the morning but you know what? Baby steps people.

Do you plan all of your meals or only dinner?

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