Friday Favorites

Friday favorites #6

This faux succulent wreath is gorgeous, and I love that it is a plant that I can’t kill!

Since we don’t plan on staying in Louisville forever, this map decor is amazing!
flower wreath cupcakeI love this flower wreath cupcake is so perfect and just screams Spring! Im thinking of making this for Jayde because I think she would get a huge kick out of this.

This post that shows people with thin lips (like myself) how to wear bright colors.

creamy chicken enchiladas
These creamy chicken enchiladas remind me of the ones my mother in law makes that are beyond delicious. I need to make some of these stat.

These photos of celebrities are really need. Basically instead of using a DSLR she uses a vintage camera and the results come out really amazing.

I also came across a new place to get free fonts, and it looks like they have a ton of really great ones.

These heels by Marc Jacobs are really pretty and totally remind me of a number 2 pencil. Am I right?

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