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I can and will

Where do I begin?

With the comment from the kids asking me “what happened to you?” while looking at an old thin photo of myself.

With the results of my bloodwork that show that I’m having a problem with my liver, with high sugar levels and high cholesterol.

With the notes on my last doctors visits that listed one of my “issues” as OBESITY.

With the optometrist telling me that if I don’t get my health under control that my vision will continue to get much worse every single year (apparently your vision stops changing whenever you’re about 20 otherwise).

Or with one of the hundreds of other growing reason I have that scream that I need to change my lifestyle immediatly or I am going to suffer consequences in my vey near future.

The fact of the matter is I need a change right now, no matter how much I love junk around and how much I would rather just sit around. I figure either I will be spend time being uncomfortable and fat or spend a little time eat less crap and doing a little more activity and be comfortable in my skin.

Starting this very moment I have to make these changes immediatly:

– No Tylenol or alcohol. The alcohol doesn’t bother me but no Tylenol might.

– No red meat. Goodbye my beloved burgers, it was nice knowing you.

– Massively reducing my sugar intake. This will be the hardest of all because I could eat candy and cookies all day and all night.

– Get the F up and move! I want to be active more than ever before.

I have already been on this “diet” for five days now which might not seem like much but typically the hardest part for me is to start doing something. So far so good, Im craving anything sweet but I am watching my sugars closely (who knew that so many things I love have WAY too much sugar).


I can & will1Follow my hashtag #TlkGetsHealthy and I am initially going to start by Instagramming my better decisions daily for the first 30 days. After all they say it just 21 days to build a habit.

I always say I will start tomorrow. Well this time I’m starting today because I want my tomorrow to feel fantastic.

2 thoughts on “I can and will

  1. I am a sugarholic too! I know what you mean about the cravings too! Glad you are already making changes. I am on WW and some days are tough but good for your on the five days! Wishing you continued success!
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  2. Good for you! I am cheering you on and believing you can do it!! Not easy, but worth it, right?!

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