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Enjoying sun… finally

After a fairly brutal winter (at least the last two months of it) we finally got a chance to get out and enjoy the sun. We headed to one of our favorite outdoor places in Louisville, the waterfront park. We stopped and got food for a picnic and headed there, and it was perfect. The sun was bright and shining, the wind was blowing ever so softly, and the weather was just right.

After the picnic John and Ethan headed to the lawn under the Big Four bridge and played football, while Chandler and I walked while Jayde roller skated at my side. Towards the end of out stay Chandler, Jayde and myself started Periscoping from the waterfront (as you can see in the photos). I can’t wait till it warms up just a little more so we can make the walk over the Big Four bridge into Indian, because it was so much fun last time!


Have you gotten out and enjoyed Spring in your neighborhood yet?

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