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Text Expander – speeding up repetitive tasks

Every so often I come across something that really changes how I do things in my day to day life, this TextExpander is one of those. Text Expander allows you to create “snippets” (or shortcuts) that when typed will change into the predetermined text that you chose for that snippet. For example if you enter blog giveaways often you could set up “;em” to change into your email whenever typed, or if you need to fill out forms often you can use these snippets to make your form filling go faster. Personally I comment on a bunch of blogs and I like to have my name, email, and website to be a snippet so that I can spend all of my quality time focusing on what I am commenting on.
ss1_TextExpanderTextExpander has saved me a ton of time already and I have only been using it for just over 3 weeks and I have saved well over 6 hours of my time. Within the app you are able to see the time you have saved in a little static window (which I adore). So if for some reason you cannot actually feel the time that its saving you (and I promise that you will) you will be able to open Statistics and see the graph and break down of time saved.
To further save you time TextExpander has groups in which you can keep your Snippets in categories, which are all displayed whenever you have the application opened. Personally I keep this window opened at all times in case I forget a snippet. TextExpander also has a setting for Hotkeys which will save you even more time, but I am just learning all of those.
You can download TextExpander from their website or on the app store to use on your phone. I promise it is well worth every penny and will save you a ridiculous amount of time!

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