Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites #4

These cat are a blast from the past and I love every single bit of it!

This site has shirts and toys and more that are beyond awesome!

How to Make Edible Cotton Candy Nests for Easter
This DIY for edible cotton candy nests looks delicious… err I mean adorable!

Now that I finally stopped biting my nails I can totally appreciate this fishtail braid designed nails. Super pretty!

This post has some really great blogging tips that are pretty much guaranteed to boost your blog!

I have a new found love for jewelry dishes, and this one is so fun!

I am a sucker for typography, but I have zero talent in that area. That doesn’t make my love this tutorial for painting letters any less!

I just finished reading the book Silence by Natasha Preston and despite being a free book (on ibooks and Kindle) it was one of the best books Ive read recently. So much that I even bought the second book!

Vintage Circus Nursery
Not that I would have any need for this, but isn’t this Vintage Circus Nursery is by far the best nursery that I have seen in ages. I love that it isn’t all pastel ad boring!

This post is just what you need to make awesome photos for your blog!

This caramelized pineapple and bacon guac looks so good. I bet I could eat the entire thing!

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