April 2015 goals


First lets revisit last months goals:

1. Increase my Twitter following. I have worked all month, tweeting like crazy. In the end though I only gained just a few followers. If I would have followed a lot more people Im sure that I would have gained some followers in return, but I really don’t want to clog up my twitter feed with random people. So for now, I will just settled for what followers I have.

2. Spring clean. I have been working on decluttering, but this certain is a work in progress. I have even started to clean up the backside of this blog which is also a work in progress!

3. Get my Etsy shop going. I DID get my Etsy shop going, however in the process I realized that I really do not want to spend time making those things. Needless to say my Etsy shop is in limbo until I can make up my mind.

4. Continue with date nights with John. Well thanks to all of the taxes that I owe this has kind of gotten put on hold.  Im going to try to pick this back up in a month or so whenever money isn’t so incredibly tight.


April’s goals.

1. Get outside and enjoy the sun at least 4 days a week.  I love sitting in the sun, I just dislike all of the animals and bugs that are outside. Im going to work on this because a little time away from my desk will do me good!

2. Work on my Facebook fan number. This one is just like Twitter, but at least with Twitter I feel like I get some conversation back. I want to see if I can finally get up to 2,000 fans.

3. Eat breakfast. By breakfast I mean something other than just a PopTart, granola bar or cereal. Like a really meal.

4. Smile more and enjoy the little things. Life is too short not to right?

5. Cross some more places off of my Louisville Bucket List. I have some great places on this list so its time I cross more off!

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