Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites #3

I seriously can’t believe that Im already writing my Friday Favorites again, this week just flew by! I seriously did not get nearly enough work done this week, but maybe I will get lucky and the kids will give me a break and I can get something done!

Onto my favorites from this week…

This treehouse home is literally a treehouse and is all kinds of amazing!

I really enjoyed this 5 blogging lessons we can learn from The Walking Dead, not only is it zombie related but it is also blogging related so its a win-win in my book!

This post has some really great blogging related websites that every website all bloggers should know. I found a bunch of new websites from this post!

One of my favorite treats that I can’t seem to get enough of is carrot cake, which is probably why this Carrot cake cookie bars look so amazing to me! When I go shopping today Im going to have to get the supplies to make these, who cares if no one else in the house likes carrot cake… more for me!

Yes, its another The Walking Dead themed blog post, but this post of Carol’s Cookies is so cute! Im thinking about making some of these for The Walking Dead season finale this Sunday, I think Jayde would get a huge kick out of these.
Carols Cookies

These Galaxy Easter Eggs are such a fun take on traditional Easter eggs!
Galaxy Easter Eggs

Im going to be all over this how to clean up your blog post this weekend. It has been a really long time since I have really “cleaned” up my blog, and the time is now!

Getting your site mobile friendly is even more important than ever according to Google, and this post will really help you understand just what that means!

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