Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites #2

Last year I learned how to crochet so sometime this year I would like to learn to embroider as well, which is why this How to embroider post really stuck out to me.

Then I came across this recipe for Mexican Pot Pie which makes every other pot pie look like garbage.
Mexican Pot Pie

These disco ball succulent planter is all kinds of amazing, if only I could keep plants alive long enough to justify making one of these!

If you’re a blogger you will love this 15 blogger problems, its so relatable.

Before I share this next link please be warned it is highly addictive- This Google feud is so much fun!

Ok, I will admit that I have never eaten a single macaron in my life but these DIY brunch macarons are beyond amazing! They’re so pretty I would almost feel bad eating them.
DIY brunch macarons

I am so glad that my kids are now in middle school and have gotten so much better with home work, but I have to admit that this post about the 6 stages of doing homework with elementary kids still makes my stomach hurt and my heart race!

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