Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites #1

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I am going to start this off with my very favorite thing that I saw all week this felt apple watch (with the exception of the actual watch).

This White Chocolate Crispy Marshmallow Bark just screams Spring and makes me crave something delicious and sweet.
Confetti balloons
I hope I remember these Confetti balloons whenever Jayde’s birthday rolls around August because she would adore these!

I also came across this post which basically has everything that you would want to know about blogging. So the next time someone asks you where to start with blogging just send her to this article.

I got my hair cut last week right after I read this post about 18 Things I do when i get my hair done, and I literally do all of these things. Its nice to know that Im not the only one!

Then there are these adorable copy cat Kate Spade earrings. They are a fraction of the price of the real ones and seriously look as fabulous as the real ones!


DIY Large lucky charms


These DIY Large lucky charms are beyond adorable and remind me that this year is flying by with St Patrick’s day just around the corner!

Can you tell that Im read blogs during my lunch time during the day because all of the things that I favorite are food related, like this amazing looking french bread pizza that gets mad points in my book because of how easy it is!

This trailer for the new Kurt Cobain movie makes me beyond happy. I cannot wait to see it!

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