A smile can change it all

Ethan turned 13 a few days ago and after much begging I decided to let him and his brother and sister go to the mall by themselves. On the way there we pulled up to the light and Ethan looks over to the car next to us and inside of it was an middle aged woman who was attempting to light her cigarette. Just then Ethan looks over to me and says “mom can I wave at her?” Naturally my first response was to say NO because you just don’t know how people will respond these days. Just as I said no he looked to me and said “please mom she looks sad”.

So I said yes. I mean what else could I say to something so sweet.

He turned to the car next to us and smiles as big as possible and waves to the lady. Then he turns to me and says “she smiled and waved back mom, I did a good thing and made her day better”.

I melted.

I mean what teenager do you know that is willing to look “silly” just to improve someone else’s day let alone really even care about improving someone else day!

For me this was just a great example of how such a small gesture of smiling can really change someones day around. Not to mention its nice to let loose and just smile sometimes!

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