iPhone photos lately 3/9

My middle son turned 13. That means another teenager under this roof.

We also got another crazy snow, this time we got just a bit under a foot! As you can see December was dreading the snowfall, and Jayde loved taking photos of it! Personally I love seeing snow so this was just perfect.

Since this has to be the last snowfall this year we wanted to fully enjoy it. So we cleared the car and headed out to the park to sled, unfortunately the roads were incredibly bad and once we arrived to the park there was so place cleared so that we could park so we just headed back home. We decided that we would attempt to build a snow man, though it was a failed attempt. We basically ended up just making a pile of snow that ultimately Ethan just jumped into it knocking it all down. I found out later that the snow was too fluffy and would have been impossible to actually build a snowman out of. Maybe next time we will get some better snowman building snow.

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