I <3 Pinterest

Then again that title was unnecessary because of course I do, doesn’t everyone? Actually I probably spend more time pinning things that I like on Pinterest more than I do on any other social network. Now if I could only get some motivation to actually make some of the things that I pin.

Here are some of my favorite pins lately.

Fabric covered shoes
These DIY fabric covered heels are adorable! If I ever wore heels I would totally give this a try!

mexican breakfast pizza
One of Johns favorite things are breakfast pizza, oh and tacos so I bet that he would totally love this mexican breakfast pizza. Maybe I will even be a little awesome and make this one for him, and make this one of the few Pinterest pins that I actually made.

St. Patricks day pancakes
These St. Patricks day pancakes are so cute, and if I were a little more of a morning person I might even make an attempt of making these on St. Patrick’s day morning.

Floral desk area
I have been looking for inspiration for my office area and this desk with that gorgeous floral pillow would make a nice addition to my office!

pink starburst
Another good thing about Pinterest is all of the funny pins like this one!

New Balance
I literally have no words about these gorgeous New Balance shoes.

green couch
I would love to replace my manly leather couch with something more visually appealing like this green couch.

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2 thoughts on “I <3 Pinterest

  1. Those are all such great pins. I especially love the fabric covered heels! What a cute idea. I am a Pinterest-a-holic too! Following you on Pinterest.

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