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Careful what you wish for

I have been fussing literally all winter about how badly I wanted to see snow just one more time before we move to California (out goal is to move at some point this year). Yet, somehow here we are at almost the end of February with almost zero snowfall this winter.

Then out of no where we had a winter storm at the beginning of last week that put down over 8 inches of snow in just one day! Before you northerners roll your eyes keep in mind that apparently Louisville is not equipped to handle this type of snow so it brought our city to a stand still complete with a solid week of snow days for the kids.

Once the snow finally stopped we took the kids sledding and it was so much fun, however as always Jayde wasn’t a huge fan of the cold in general and ended up crying half of the time in the car. Honestly that was fine by me too because that meant I had to sit in the warm van with her.

We also had a ton of fun just shoveling the snow with a leaf blower and even just jumping into the snow. In the end however I was reminded me that snow is gorgeous to watch fall but as soon as you have to set foot outside it is brutal! Lets not mention that fact that the kids have missed 5 snow days from school closed in the house with me… driving me semi nuts. I would also like to mention that I am currently typing this while watching my Twitter feed to see if school has been cancelled for another day. Cross your fingers for me and my sanity please.

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