iPhone photos lately 2/4/15

I haven’t posted any of my iPhone photos lately, so I figured I would share a few of my favorites!

My oldest Chandler turned 14 (can you believe it?!) We took him to a local place called Doc Crows which his a really delicious local place.

The guys in my life went and got haircuts, and as you can see John had a huge change! I have to admit that while I did enjoy his beard while he had it, I was really glad to see it go!

I made some really cute goodies for John and Ethan to take to a Super Bowl party and while they were at the party I took Chandler and Jayde to get dinner and then to the book store to pick out some new books. It was so nice to just get some one on one time with them two. I think that I need to start taking more time to spend with my kids apart from everyone else.

I guess that just about sums up my iPhone photos lately, it seems that as the kids get older and older it gets harder and harder to get photos of my kids!

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