February goals

First lets see how I did on my January goals.

1.  Start my Louisville bucket list. 

I actually did start my Louisville bucket list and I even already crossed one of the items off of my list! Check out my list here.

2. Read.

Sigh. Im still trying. Its just so hard to disconnect from my phone/social media to actually take time to read.

3. Eat healthy / Throw away all junk food

We are getting better! I am preparing much more fresh meals, and buying a lot more fruits and vegetables for us to eat as snacks. In fact I buy most of our foods from a small store here who mostly sells healthy foods, this way it is harder for me to get my hands on junk food!

4. Declutter basement.

I didn’t even start that, and Im not going to lie. I hate the basement. HATE IT. Maybe Ill revisit this in a month or so.

5. Continue dental work.

I am almost done. I actually hit a little road bump because I am having some severe pain in my back teeth, so I am being sent to a specialist to see just what is wrong. Hopefully its an easy fix because I only have one crown  and one filling left and Im DONE! I couldn’t be happier either!

feb 2015 goals

Ok, onto Februarys goals!

1. Buy a bike and use it. 

2. Save money for the four Apple Watches.

3. Find a solution for my unorganized work area.

4. Finish dental work!

5. Start planning date nights for John and I.



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