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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with See’s Candies

See’s Candy provided me with a sample in return for this review. However, as always all opinions are all my own. Pinky Promise!

I almost feel bad telling you guys this, but its just under a month until Valentine’s Day.

I know, I know, we were just celebrating Christmas yesterday.

So now Im sure you have your mind racing trying to find something great to get those special people in your life. Don’t worry because you can get a little something sweet from See’s Candies for everyone on your list. They have everything from milk chocolate to lolly pops and everything in between (even some sugar free chocolate for those who cannot have sugar!

Sure, your wondering whats so special about this See’s Candies right? Heres a little history so you can see just what is so special. Charles See along with his mother and wife opened the first See’s Candies in Los Angeles back in 1921, in a black and white shop that was designed to resemble Mary See’s home kitchen! Today See’s Candies are sold in over two hundred shops throughout the West (and more).

When it comes to candy I have a hard time choosing just one type so I gathered the kids around and got their help picking out a special custom mix just for us! I ordered a 1 pound box with a mix of about 10 or so different types of chocolate. My favorites were the milk molasses chip, polar bear paw, and the walnut square.

So if you’re looking for a delicious gift to give for Valentine’s Day check out See’s Candies Valentine’s section on their website.

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