January Goals


January goals

First lets see how I did on my December goals.

1. Survive Christmas. 

I DID survive and in fact it was the best Christmas we have had in ages. I wrote about our day in detail here.

2. Continue dental work. 

I did follow through with dental work. I went in for a cleaning and the dentist said everything is looking so much better and I have an appointment coming up for some fillings.

3. Meal Plan. 

I took the beginning steps to start this on January 1st! I even have the first week planned!

4. Start looking for a bike. 

I did this as well. I found a handful of bikes that I like, so now I just need to go see them in person to pick out that special one.

5. Start planning the boys birthdays. 

I have mentioned this to the boys quite a few times and Chandler is thinking that he wants to go go-karting on his birthday and Ethan wants to go on a shopping sprees at the mall.

6. Read.

I failed on this one. I still haven’t managed to make time for this.

7. Start my Louisville bucket list. 

I didn’t follow through on this one either. So both of these will be added to January’s list.



1. Start my Louisville bucket list. 

2. Read.

3. Eat healthy / Throw away all junk food

4. Declutter basement.

5. Continue dental work.


What are your goals for January 2015?


2 thoughts on “January Goals

    1. Well… I haven’t officially started my Louisville bucket list lol. I also moved here about 5 years ago so I should have seen a lot more of Louisville than I have! I want to be able to say that Ive “seen it all” before we move!

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