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Spacious kids’ bedroom designs

Small bedrooms are often regarded as something of a nightmare to furnish when catering for growing kids; however, there are a few clever ideas around that can help you create a stylish solution that will both look and feel more spacious and will certainly offer you a flexible option. Such ideas can rejuvenate and revitalize small spaces so that they accommodate more people and offer more storage than you might, at first, think possible. Here are a few of the best ideas around – check them out to see what might work for you.


Color magic

In general terms, it’s a given that pale colors on the floor, walls and ceiling make a room look bigger, while dark tones seem to shrink it in size. This is an interesting visual deception, and one to be noted. Bearing this in mind, think blond wood for flooring as this is hardwearing, and white or neutral tints for walls and ceiling. To add interest, you could throw into the mix a striking feature wall in a different shade, or possibly one covered with vertically striped wallpaper to give the appearance of height. If the room is narrower than it is long, try using horizontal stripes on one of the shorter walls to enhance the apparent width. Complete the effect with a throw or small rug in a matching or complementary color.

Optimize wall space

When floor space is at a premium the smart thing to do is to make better use of walls. Shelving offers superb storage possibilities and keeps clutter off the floor. You can choose between the open variety, best suited to display valued items such as favorite toys or trophies, or cabinet-style shelving with doors.

Suspending a rail below a shelf at an appropriate height means you can create open and accessible wardrobe space, the height of which can be adjusted year on year as children grow. Lower shelves might house toys, books or laptops, depending on your child’s age and interests.

Bear in mind also that window dressings should be simple and minimal – long drapes fill up space and can make a small room appear cramped. Instead, use Roman blinds, Venetian blinds or shutters to preserve the chic, clean lines of the window space.

Repurpose the bed

If you thought a bed was just for sleeping in, think again. Today’s multifunctional furniture offers you countless ways of incorporating storage into a smaller space, including a bunkroom for two children, and even allows both kids to enjoy their private space.

For example, a bed with built-in storage can provide your kids with two very comfortable beds, and a handy storage area below, which has open compartments for displaying trophies and toys as well as two cupboards complete with doors for personal possessions. Add a small desk and suitable chairs and the study bedroom is complete.

Finally, remember that less is more and actively seek to reduce clutter generally. Encourage your kids to develop the habit of tidying playthings away when they have finished with them. This can make life easier for you, as well as for the kids.

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