Happy Holidays Y’all!

Well I survive the holidays, heck in fact I actually had a wonderful Christmas! It was an almost perfect Christmas too, no bickering, no whining, no sass, NOTHING but happiness! Which is a rarity with three tweens, actually I was bracing myself for the worst and was absolutely surprised!

We woke up a 8 am and immediately the kids opened their stockings (yes, my kids know the truth but we still do stockings because they are fun) and then I hopped in the shower while Chandler cooked cinnamon rolls for breakfast. After breakfast we started opening presents and this year we did it a little differently, we opened the presents up one person at a time so that we had time to actually see what everyone got. Doing it this way was so much easier and much more fun.

Chandler and Ethan both got new computers this year (Ethan got an iMac and Chandler got a Mac mini) and Jayde got a vanity for all of her make up. Since we purchased larger more expensive items for the kids this year John and I did things a little smaller for each other. John got some new shoes and some other smaller things. I got the bar cart that I have been wanting from Target and then the kids spoiled me this year with some of my favorite pens and chocolate, one of those adorable Dot Collection cups from Starbucks and a gorgeous necklaces with my name on it with their birth stones on it. I think my very favorite was the necklace from the kids because they spent their own money on it and even went on their own to get it! So super sweet!

I hope that all of you out there also had a fabulous holiday as well!

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