iphone photos lately 12/26

One of our Advent activities was to open an early gift. Basically the bags were filled with small goodies and candy and it was a nice way to get a mini break from the advent for me!
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I took Jayde record shopping and I came across this Culture Club album and Jayde immediately says: “Oh Mom, she’s so pretty! Lets get that record!”. To which I laughed and of course bought the album.
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Since the weather here has been rainy and cool I haven’t had a ton of motivation so I spent a good bit of time working from the couch while snuggling December!
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After learning about a British tradition to open Christmas poppers I decided that we had to find some Christmas poppers to open as a family. Luckily Target had some! These poppers were too fun, they contained a small prize, a cheesy joke and a paper crown (which is a requirement to wear).

John’s birthday was last weekend (also happens to be our 15 anniversary too), and since he doesn’t like traditional cakes I had this brilliant idea to make a cake out of his favorite food- McDoubles. While it isn’t too pretty (thanks McDonalds) I think that he really enjoyed it!
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We took the kids to get their dental cleanings over their winter break and I snapped this photo of Jayde sitting on a toy horse, which I totally love! In the process of running errands I came across these adorable Starbucks ornaments and they were 40% off so I bought one of each of course!

Last but not least here is a photo of our tree the day before Christmas. See that huge box? That is a vanity that I spend 2 hours with the boys putting together this thing for Jayde! Also if you look you can see that the bottom row of lights decided to burn out, and naturally that would happen just before Christmas and truthfully it is driving me nuts but I refuse to buy more lights just before Christmas. Just another reason for me to get a new tree… maybe even a white one!
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