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Give your feet the comfort and style they deserve

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Fibi & Clo recently sent me an adorable pair of their Barcelona Black shoes. Whenever these arrived I immediately noticed a difference between these shoes and the cheaper brands that I typically buy. I normally buy cheaper shoes because I figure if I do buy cheaper shoes I will be able to buy more styles, and up until now I haven’t noticed anything wrong with the shoes that I buy. That is until I put the Fibi & Clo shoe on my right foot and one of my other shoes on my left food in an effort to decide on which shoe to wear with my outfit. In that process I noticed that there is just a big difference in the two shoes besides the fact that the Fibi & Clo shoe look visibly nicer, these shoes were significantly more comfortable. Not to mention that these shoes are gorgeous and go well with almost all of my outfits!

Fibi & Clo not only sells stunning flats like the ones that I tried but they also sell gorgeous sandals that will be great for when the weather warms up some, and even some really pretty jewelry that will go nicely with your new Fibi & Clo shoes.

Don’t bother to wait for Christmas to get your hands one one of these pairs of shoes, go ahead and head to to chose the perfect pair for you!

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