December goals

DEc Goals

First lets see how my November goals worked out…

1. Finish the Christmas activity advent calendar.  Yes! I finished it, and we are on day two of our activity advent, be sure to check back because I will be blogging about our activities. 


2. Continue dental work. Yes! I have an appointment to go on December 23rd to get some more work done! 

3. Purge and donate. Yes, but I have not begun to donate. However I do have it all in my trunk ready to be donated!

4. Meal plan again. Nope. I have got to work on this, seriously. 

5. Finish most of the Christmas shopping. Kinda, I only have one single item left to purchase! 

3.5/5 isn’t too bad right?


Onto December’s goals.

1. Survive Christmas. Kidding, kind of.

2. Continue dental work. Normally I wouldn’t put this down for two months, but this is a HUGE task for me because of my fear of dentists.

3. Meal Plan. Since I failed on this one for November I am going to give it another try this month.

4. Start looking for a bike. I bought a stationary bike last year but it has since turned into a place for me to hang my clothes. So I was thinking that if I bought a real bike and rode with the kids not only would I lose weight but also get much needed time with the kiddos.

5. Start planning the boys birthdays. Chandler’s 14th birthday is at the end of January and Ethan’s 13th birthday is at the end of February, needless to say I need to see what they want for their birthdays and if they want a party or not.

6. Read. I love reading so much but it seems that social media always distracts me because I read on my phone. I need to MAKE time for things that I enjoy.

7. Start my Louisville bucket list. Since we plan on getting the heck out of here ASAP I think that I should make sure that I see as many cool things as I am able to before we move. That means a lot of research on my part to find the neatest stuff to do.


That just about wraps up my December goals, heres hoping that I complete 5/5 this time!

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  1. i like that all your goals are totally doable, and that you don’t beat yourself up about not completing every task. You’ve got this!

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