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Our Thanksgiving in pictures

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I wanted to share some photos of our Thanksgiving day.

When shopping for all of the stuff I needed I forgot to get anything to decorate the table with so I fell back on my trusty craft paper and chalk board paint. So Jayde and I sat down and stamped a bunch of shapes all over it. Once it dried I armed everyone with some chalk and asked that they wrote on each shape what they were thankful for, and I have to admit that they wrote down some really interesting stuff!

Then there was our dinner, which wasn’t perfect but as perfect as can be expected with three tweens around. As I mentioned in my last post I had expected for everyone to help out a lot (I even assigned specific dishes that they would help make) yet no one really did, except Chandler. In fact he helped a ton and even made a really delicious cookie cake that was a huge hit, and that was a good thing too because the frozen pie that I made turned out really funky tasting. Other than that everything turned out delicious!

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