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Chuao Chocolatier

Chuao Chocolatier sent me some chocolate to try, but as always all opinions are all my own. Pinky Promise!
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I love chocolate, no I mean I LOVE chocolate.  I love chocolate of just about any kind and I will eat just about any kind of chocolate. However there are a few brands of chocolates that really knock my socks off, and are the kind of candy that I try to hide just for myself (hey- no judgment guys because some chocolate is just that good).

That list is pretty small though because I think that if something is good I should share it with everyone!

Thanks to Chuao Chocolatier I have a new favorite candy that is hidden stash worthy. Whenever the package arrived I was impressed how “fancy” these chocolates were and I could tell the kids were too because of the looks on their faces (that look that they give me when they know that Mom isn’t going to share these).

Before you get onto me for not sharing, I was nice and let everyone have some. We all tried each of the bars, and I have to say that the ones that we were most impressed with were the potato chip, maple bacon and the spicy maya. I tried the bacon first because bacon makes everything amazing and I was blown away with the flavor. Whenever you first bite into the chocolate you taste the delicious chocolate and then BAM- bacon, and it wasn’t an artificial bacon flavor either because it tasted like I was literally biting into a chocolate covered piece of bacon! Each chocolate bar after that initial bar gave us a similar feeling, sweet chocolate followed by an intense taste of the bars featured flavor. Yum.

Chuao Chocolatier doesn’t just offer delicious chocolate bars, they also have bonbons and drinking chocolate. They also have several gift options as well however my personal favorite is their Chef’s choice gift basket because it is packet with each type of chocolate.

Check out Chuao Chocolatiers website to order delicious chocolate for that love one in your life (or for your hidden stash)

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