November 2014 Goals

I came across this post on Hello Neverland and thought that it was a brilliant way for my to hold my self accountable and maybe even make myself a little less of a procrastinator, maybe. I hope she doesn’t mind, in fact if you have a free moment take a look at Kenzie’s site because its pretty awesome.


1. Finish the Christmas activity advent calendar.  Last year was our first year doing the activity advent and it was a huge hit (you can read about it here), so this year this kids begged to do another one! Actually it was pretty impressive that they even went to the craft store with me to get the supplies too.

2. Continue dental work. This month I have to continue powering through the dental work that I need done. One root canal and one crown down, a couple more fillings and Ill be finally done.

3. Purge and donate. Last year I went a little crazy and bought the kids way more presents than they really needed so that basically means that we need to get rid of the stuff we don’t want/need in order to be ready for Christmas this year.

4. Meal plan again. John is forever asking me to get back into meal planning because he loved knowing what was for dinner, and honestly I miss being organized like that.

5. Finish most of the Christmas shopping. As of right now I am about halfway done shopping and I would like to have the rest of it done by December 1st. Lets see if I can accomplish this!

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