iPhone Photos Lately 11/13

I have no idea where the past few months have gone… yet somehow it is almost Thanksgiving. Where did Halloween go again?

Here are the very few photos that I have taken lately…

Somehow I was able to get a photo of each of the kids the other night while at dinner. This is pretty much a rarity because anytime I take out my phone to take a picture I hear a sea of sighs. Despite that, they are pretty adorable right?

This year we hadn’t planned on taking the kids Trick or Treating, instead we planned on taking them to do something fun as a family. Yet somehow I got suckered into taking them. Since we didn’t plan on going we didn’t have any costumes so I helped the kids dress up like zombies, which luckily is a “cool” costume for a tween. This year was somewhat bittersweet because we know the kids won’t want to go again next year.
zombie kidsI spent a ton of time like this in a dentists chair having my teeth worked on. After having some not so great experiences at the dentist I took a huge break from going at all which has resulted in me needing to having a ton of work done. So far Ive had one root canal and had a crown put on, and I have a few that need fillings. If your in the Louisville area I really recommend you check out Mortenson Family Dental, before visiting them I had severe anxiety going to the dentist and now I feel totally comfortable having work done!

So thats pretty much the last few months, nothing fantastic or really fun. I really need to amp up things around here!

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