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I feel that a lot of younger people do not understand the importance of credit which is why I am happy to write this sponsored post on behalf of Credit Karma™. I hope that by sharing this information that I am able to help someone become more credit aware.
Credit Karma

Whenever we were 20 we bought our first home and we started using credit cards immediately. Before I knew it we had a mortgage to pay off, two car loans, and roughly $20,000 in credit card debt. It was incredible how quickly we were able to spend that amount of money, and before I knew it we couldn’t afford to pay for everything.

So most of our cards were paid late, which of course meant that we had late fees added on top of the monthly bills but little did I know that besides that it was also affecting our credit score greatly. Heck, even if I would have known that it was affecting our credit score who I doubt that I would have even known what that meant.Fast forward about 2 years later, we lost our house, one of our cars and were in massive debt. We turned to bankruptcy as an absolutely last choice.

Now we are trying to rebuild our credit, that means that we watch our scores religiously. We also are very careful how we use credit cards so that hopefully we can eventually have much better credit so that we can get another car and maybe even own our own home again.

So whenever I heard about writing this post on behalf of Credit Karma™ I was very excited to share all of the great benefits they offer so that hopefully you can become more credit aware too! If you don’t already know Credit Karma™ is mission-oriented and pro-consumer (that means that they are on your side!). Credit Karma™ will provide you with your weekly credit report along with your score, as well as they monitor your credit – and all for FREE.

Credit Karma™ monitors your credit report on a daily basis so that they can notify you of any big changes to your credit report. This way you are aware of everything that is going on with your credit report. In addition to credit monitoring they also help match your credit and personal finance profiles with financial products that make sense for your lifestyle. This helps with all of the questions and concerns that you need when shopping for credit! Credit Karma™ has more than 30 million members and is able to conduct in-depth analysis of the likelihood you will receive credit approval.

I will openly admit that previous to signing up for Credit Karma™ I had no idea where my credit score stood at or how my score was affected. Now I get weekly updates and I know just where my score is and how it got that way!

Give your self a peace of mind and feel comfortable with your credit standing by signing up for Credit Karma™ today.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Credit Karma™.

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