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Big Hero 6

I was provided with passes in return for this post. However, as always all opinions expressed are my own. Pinky Promise!

Going into the theaters I knew very little about the back story of the movie, in fact I really haven’t even seen any trailers for this film either. So I had zero expectations going into it.

The movie itself was very funny, filled with quite a few laugh out loud moments making this the person film to take your kids to. Big Hero 6 is filled with action so make sure that you see this film in 3D to really be WOWed. Be warned though, this movie does have some sad moments that might bring you close to tears but those moments are pretty quickly canceled by laughs.

In all, we all loved this movie. As an adult it had the right amount of storyline along with laughs that kept me entertained the entire movie, and for my kids it has a kid friendly story line that they enjoyed.

My favorite part was listening to the little kids leaving the theater telling their parents how they wanted one of these toys for Christmas!

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