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Pipsticks provided me with a product in return for this post. However, as always all opinions expressed are my own. Pinky Promise!


I was so eager to try out Pipsticks because I love stickers and so does my daughter Jayde, then again lets face it who doesn’t like fun stickers?  You might be wondering what is Pipsticks… Well Pipsticks is a fun subscription based service that sends you fun stickers in the mail. Also know as a smile in a package!

To get started with Pipsticks couldn’t be easier either, simply pick a plan that fits you best (plans start at just $15!). From there you sit back and wait for your package to arrive. Your Pipsticks package will arrive in an adorable envelope similar to the one pictured above. The envelope will contain a minimum of 15 sheets of stickers (with up to 3 bonus sheets!), all of these stickers are quality stickers that are just the right amount of sticky, gender neutral, and easy enough for the small hands to peel. In addition to stickers the envelop will also include a few additions to keep the ones inspired so that your little one will keep the stickers where they belong, one of my envelopes came with stamped blank postcards to decorate with stickers and send to a love one.

In fact my daughter was so pumped about the Pipsticks that I barely had time to take pictures of the contents of the package before she quickly ran away and started working on the postcards to send relatives in Florida. She was especially excited about all of the different styles of stickers, that ranged from hearts, robots, cats to even SCENTED stickers! Im pretty sure she’s going to keep some of those scented stickers forever. I actually just noticed that they also have a really great blog that has some really unique and fun ideas on how to use the stickers!

I plan on getting some gift subscriptions for my younger cousins because these are just adorable. Not only do they encourage creativity but they also deliver it monthly right to your door. It just doesn’t get better than getting fun packages in the mail! These are just for little ones either because my daughter is 11 and got a huge kick out of Pipsticks, heck I would have loved to get one of these myself!

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Get some Pipsticks of your own or to gift at

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