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Embracing my curls

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Whenever I was younger I spent a lot of time wearing my hair pulled back into either a bun or a ponytail because I hated my curly hair. Once I was in my twenties I spent a ridiculous amount of time every day straightening out my curls, and while I loved having straight hair each day all it would take is a little humidity or rain to make my curls come back full force.

So last year I finally gave in and decided that I couldn’t devote an hour or more each day on my hair, I decided it was time that I came to just accept my curly hair. It was certainly a lot of trial and error though because my first instinct was to treat my hair as I always had, I washed it daily, I used a ton of product, and I treated my hair terribly. Certainly keeping my curls looking nice and with minimal frizz couldn’t be that hard, so I took to Pinterest and found some really amazing tips that made me finally love my curls.

These are the tips that I found that made a huge difference in my hair:

  • Limit shampooing. I shampoo my hair about every two days because the natural oils in my hair help keep my hair frizz free.
  • Condition, and lots of it. Even though I don’t shampoo my hair daily, I do condition it while Im in the shower and before I try my hair I apply some leave in conditioner.
  • Don’t touch it! Well obviously I can’t not touch my hair, but I limit how much I do so because it will cause my curls to be frizzy and uncurl. That means that I comb my hair with a wide tooth brush as soon as I get out of the shower and then apply a small amount of product, but I try to limit my contact with my hair.
  • Heat sucks! I try to stay away from the blowdryer and curling iron because the heat from these two really kills my curls. I typically sit at my desk (under a ceiling fan on high) while my hair drys naturally.

Thanks to these simple steps I was able to learn to love my curls! Had I not found some tips though that would help my learn how to handle my hair I don’t know what I would have done. Im excited to tell you that Suave has a website that helps you love your hair by sharing a bunch of really great beauty tips all on one website. You won’t just find great beauty tips either, you will also find product promotions and even more!

Be sure to stop by your local Walmart, your one-stop shop for all of your Suave needs!
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